American Titans Headline ALS Together Benefit 6/18 in Durham

The Titans headlined an incredible day of food, music, beer-tasting, and a host of other activities to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – a degenerative disease that affects over 5,000 people in the U.S. each year. They blazed through a 45-minute set, leaning on more of the brighter stuff.

Set: Let’s Go, Blame, 1000 Years Ago, My Name is Jonas (Weezer), What She Wants, Lifeboat, So Lonely (The Police), Wired, Surrender (Cheap Trick), Close to Me.

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American Titans w/Veronica V & Michael Daughtry Band - Live 5/27 at Deep South

The Titans headlined a tight, loud, and fun show with veteran Raleigh rockers Veronica V and Michael Daughtry Band at Raleigh's Deep South.

Set: Let's Go, 1000 Years Ago, Blame, My Name is Jonas (Weezer), What She Wants, Apology, Lifeboat, So Lonely (Police), The Weight of You, Wired, Surrender (Cheap Trick), Close to Me

American Titans Live New Years Day at Mystery

The Titans returned to Mystery Brewing Public House on 1/1/16, building on the November show with new original songs and cover songs.

Set 1
Let’s Go • Blame • 1000 Years Ago • My Name Is Jonas (Weezer) • Love Song • Confidence is High • What She Wants

Set 2
Lifeboat • Apology • So Lonely (Police) • The Weight • Wired • The Trees (Rush) • Hey George! • Close to Me

"Close To Me" Video from 11/15 Livecast Rehearsal

From the 11/15 livecast rehearsal, we closed at Mystery with this and it's Joe's favorite to play. This is the original song "Close To Me." PLEASE share your feedback on the American Titans YouTube Channel or on Twitter @AmericanTitans.

American Titans Live at Mystery Brewing, 11/1

The reason why you start a band, write songs, and risk so much rejection is for moments like the one that happened during American Titans' second song at Mystery Brewing Public House Sunday night. I watched as the crowd reaction went from “Oh, that's loud” and “Hmm, that's not what I was expecting” to “Hey wait, I really like this.”

I'm terrible at stage banter, so we choreograph our show a little bit to move seamlessly from one song to the next for two, three, four songs in a row. We opened the night with an original called “Blame,” and then a second original called “1000 Years Ago.” The former is kind of a moody, anthemic rocker and the latter is straight-up riff rock. The latter connected with the crowd, about 40-50 people ranging in age from two to 75 (no kidding, but most people were in their 20s and 30s).

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"Blame" Video from 10/4 Livecast Rehearsal

From the 10/4 livecast rehearsal, this is now our show opener. This is the original song "Blame." PLEASE share your feedback on the American Titans YouTube Channel or on Twitter @AmericanTitans.

"What She Wants" Video from 9/27 Livecast Rehearsal

The feedback from the last video (see below) was awesome. So we livecast part of another rehearsal. This is the original song "What She Wants." PLEASE share your feedback on the American Titans YouTube Channel or on Twitter @AmericanTitans.


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